Monday, May 6, 2013

No Cost Tips to Market Your Business

Attend networking meetings and event to meet potential customers.  Be present when you attend networking meetings and talk positively about your company.

Networking groups allow you to meet other companies you can partner up with that might complement your business.   A joint venture with another company will get publicity from your current customers and you will be able to hopefully benefit from attention from their customers. 
Having a strong presence with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter does not cost anything.  Once these online tools are in place, it will help with your SEO ranking of your website.

Network groups are always looking for speakers to talk about a variety of topics.   This is a great opportunity for you to introduce your business to a small group of potential customers.    Share some educational aspect of your business to the group.   

Show a little gratitude to your current customers.   Sending a thank you note to show them you appreciate them as a customer.    This may help promote your brand positively.   These customers are then more likely to talk about your business positively within their own networking groups.

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