Monday, June 3, 2013

Facebook's EdgeRank Algorithm

EdgeRank promotes brand pages based on the number of interactions such as comments, likes, and shares a page or post receives.  Posts with more interactions tend to be ranked high by this algorithm and is then displayed to the people who like the page.  Posts that have less comments, likes or shares might not be ranked high in this algorithm.   EdgeRank algorithm is specific to Facebook users who have their news feed settings set to Sort By Top Stories.   Sort By Top Stories is the default setting of Facebook.  When a Facebook user has their news feed set to Sort By Most Recent, they do not have to worry about the EdgeRank algorithm.   The setting Sort By Most Recent allows users to see all of their friends' and liked brands' posts since they are posted in chronological order.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to get your brand's posts to show up in your fan's news feeds:

- Interaction with your own posts by creating dialogue.  These posts will appear in your fan's news feeds.
- Respond within the first hour of your new post.   Majority of post interactions occur the first hour of a post.
- Mix up your post feeds with videos, photos, link to relevant articles.   Don't use the same posting style.
- Ask a question or encourage opinions on a subject in a post.   This makes it easier for your posts to be viewed and ranked important by EdgeRank.
 - Keep posts short.  Don't post a long paragraph, people will be bored.  

Remember, engage with your Facebook friends' and interact with them online to get your posts visibility and relevant.

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