Monday, June 17, 2013

Streamline all your Marketing Channels

Streamline  all your marketing channels campaigns to help your customers identify your brand.
If your customers are familiar and can identify your business based on your branding, it is a better chance your customers will feel comfortable with your business.

Design all your business materials such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards  to be consistent with your branding.   Before you create your next marketing material, ensure they all match with your brand’s color scheme.   

Take a look at your  in-store signage and other promotional pieces.   Do they have the same look and feel?  Does the in-store signage match what your website or social media accounts are saying?  Point of purchase should match your email marketing too.

When creating your direct mail flyers,  remember to keep these pieces  should connect with the rest of your marketing materials.    When you send out direct mail flyers, you want  your flyer to jog a prospect’s memory of seeing your branding before. 

The two most important elements that need to be streamlined is email and website. The  color scheme in your email message ought to complement your website’s colors.   If you catch a customer’s attention from your website, expect an in person visit.  Thus the in-store theme should match the website.

Streamlining all your marketing channels is important for customer retention and closing a sale.  Link  every element to keep them hooked.

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