Monday, June 10, 2013

Copyright Laws with images from the Internet

The Internet and Google search engine is giving people a great amount of information and images or photos.  This blog will hopefully help you understand the copyright laws  for images.  MarketMailPrint will purchase images to use in our graphic files.   We also use the copyright symbol when using an image.  We will not print a job if an image has been obtained illegally or does not have the copyright symbol. 

When searching Google for images or photos, remember that photographs are owned by someone.  Getting an image from Google does not mean it is public access for free pictures.  All images are first owned by the photographer or digital art creator.   This is the person who needs to give permission for you to use their image.   When an image is sold with rights to a company that deals with "stock photography", such as or, then the image is available for the public use.    The stock photography company can then make the image available for free or for a small fee.   A subscription is sometimes required to use their service.   This is the legal way to obtain images from the internet.  

The Copyright Law and Image Usage Rights are laws that should be followed.  Saying you did not know does not make using it legal if the image was obtained illegally.  

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