Friday, July 19, 2013

Turn your Office Place into a Green Environment

We all have heard of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.   This may be easy to do at home but harder to accomplish in the workplace.   However, if you are able to make your marketing material green than there is a chance you might attract a variety of customers by advertising with the green approach.

Reduce -- If your habit includes sending emails, internet new articles, projects to the printer to have  a hard copy of then you may want to change your habits.  Although it is important to see how the product will actually look on paper, employees tend to print unnecessary documents.  Encourage employees to limit clicking the print button.

Reuse and Recycle  -- Do you have left over letterhead, flyers or other materials that are not used anymore?   Before tossing them, think of ways to reuse this paper.   Create a bin for paper that can be used again.  Put back in the printer to print on other side.   Use this paper as scrap note paper.  See if the staff can come up with creative ways to reuse paper.  

Many customers appreciate hearing about what your business is doing to help the environment.   Be honest of your recycling practices that you have established.  They may be no brainer practices, but is can be easy to embellish your recycling practice. 

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