Monday, August 19, 2013

Branding on Social Media

Social media is a trend that is not slowing down in the branding world.  Almost everyone is using one type of social media.  Not everyone has signed  on to social media but they have utilized social media almost every day.  Creating a company page is another way to advertise your brand.

Before  you jump into creating several social media pages and posting random tweets or comments on Facebook, think about how your business wants to use social media.  Identify what you intend to achieve with each social media outlet.  Facebook could be used for customer service comments and Twitter can be used to express your industry expertise.  Even if your business is not ready to go ahead for a  social media campaign ,  create a page in each social media outlet to claim your business name.   You don't want to wait to sign up and then have your business name taken.

Try to be consistent with using social media outlets.   Try to interaction with your followers as much as possible to engage them in your brand.   Be careful on the content you publish, if your company is a longstanding traditional brand, don't post something that  is not consistent with the way your business operates. 

Remember to post on a regular schedule.   By jumping into social media outlet and then not posting or replying to followers can potentially hurt your brand.   The more your business brand displays on  computer, ipad or phone screens,  the more your brand is being instilled in your followers minds.

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